Carpenter Ant Prevention

Ants invade your home in search of three things: food, water and harborage. Indoors, you can eliminate attractive food sources by immediately cleaning up food spills, not leaving dirty dishes in the sink and storing food items in the refrigerator or in sealed containers. However, foraging ants often attack homes from colonies nesting outside. Therefore, minimizing resources around your yard is equally as important. You can start by removing overgrown foliage, brush piles and excess fallen leaves to eliminate harborage or nesting sites on your property. In addition, keep trees, shrubs and bushes trimmed back away from any structure to prevent ants from using branches as a sky bridge into your home. Also, schedule regular trash pick-up, and keep waste containers clean and stored away from the home. This eliminates food sources that may attract hungry ants. Lastly, address any leaky pipes, AC drip lines or over-irrigated areas of the yard that could serve as moisture sources.