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Integrated Pest Management: by Absolute Pest Control

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What is IPM?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a decision-making process that anticipates and prevents pest activity and infestation by combining several strategies to achieve long-term solution. Components of an IPM Program may include education, proper waste management, structural repair, maintenance, biological and mechanical control techniques, and pesticide application. IPM employs an approach that requires more participation by the homeowner to achieve long-term pest control.
What is your responsibility as a homeowner? Your continuous involvement and participation are needed to implement your pest control recommendations for an effective program. The appropriate use and application of pesticides are spelled out by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and others, and will vary according to circumstances. Your Technician will tell you where and how pesticides will be applied in or near your home.

"My Technician has been great to work with, we are very satisfied customers."
Bill / Glenville, NY
"There was a time I had to battle ants in my kitchen and bathrooms every year, no longer an issue."
Nancy / Schenectady, NY
" There was a time I had to battle ants in my kitchen and bathrooms every year, no longer an issue. "
Nancy / Schenectady, NY
" New customer . Problem with centipedes and spiders . Purchased year contract . Josh made me feel very confident in the process . "
Lisabeth / Schenectady, NY
" Our technician was very knowledgeable, explained everything to us clearly, performed a thorough inspection and treatment, and is an excellent representative of Absolute Pest Control "
Bob / Rexford, NY
" The technician was very helpful, and gave us his personal attention!. "
Marilyn / Ballston Lake, NY
" They are on time, the servicemen are knowledgeable and informative. I like the fact I can ask questions and get solutions to my problems without feeling like I'm being a pest "
Cathy / Schodack, NY
" Worth the cost - any new insect or rodent problems come they come right over without hesitation. Wouldn't use anyone else!!! "
Dave / Albany, NY
" I was impressed with the tech with his knowledge and materials he had with him. "
Patrick / Troy, NY
" Since I have an annual contract with APC, I can call at any time during the year if a problem comes up, and I always receive a visit promptly "
Laura / Albany, NY
" She took her time in her assessment, was very informative as well as gave suggestions on things we could do to better reduce pest issues. We could not have asked for a better introductory experience, "
Chris / Saratoga, NY
" Their service and technicians have proven to be exceptional. They have been consistently there for the regular service and very quick to respond and resolve, a few special issues. "
Matt / Delmar, NY
" tech was very through and professional "
Linda / Rensselaer, NY
" Sue was extremely knowledgeable and kept me up to date on what she was going to do and let me know what and where she saw problem areas.. "
Carol / Voorheesville, NY
" theyve always been dependable, diligent, efficient, fair, flexible, friendly, high integrity, honest, organized, polite, professional, punctual, reliable, thorough "
Peter / Clifton Park, NY
" I recommend Absolute Pest Control to all property partners. I have found their service to be very professional. Response is prompt, friendly, efficient and always courteous. "
Shirley / Kinderhook, NY
" I have been using Rick from Absolute pest control since 1989 and wouldnt consider using anyone else. Their work is impeccable and knock out bugs "
Steve / Clifton Park, NY
" They were terrific! I called in the morning and Chris was at my place by 4p.m. Quick service and he was pretty knowledgeable! "
Robert / Schenectady, NY
" The technician on-site and those in the office have been very informative, courteous, responsive and helpful. Very pleased with the service and pricing. "
Kathleen / Berne, NY
" We have been a customer of Absolute Pest Control for years and have always found their staff to be friendly and knowledgeable. They show up when they say they will and they perform the services quickly and efficiently. "
Marc / Schuylerville, NY
" Since Absolute Pest Control started servicing our property we have not had any trouble with unwanted pests. Great service and highly recommend them…. "
Sue / Galway, NY
" Everyone was professional, very nice staff and very efficient. "
Lynda / Queensbury, NY
" Suffering from what appeared to be several insect bites, I contacted APC, asking for a house inspection. The agent came and did a thorough job, seeking evidence of bed bugs and fleas. "
Liz / Glenville, NY
"Extremely helpful staff, very nice to deal with and we are thrilled with the results Absolute Pest Control has given us!"
Amy & Thomas / Niskayuna, NY

Habitat Modification Techniques:

Eliminate conditions that favor moisture accumulation; move and aerate firewood; remove stumps and overhanging branches contacting the house; remove dead trees.
Break wood-to-soil contact; remove scrap wood and paper debris; improve drainage away from structure; inspect vapor barriers; improve ventilation in crawl spaces.
Clean up spilled foods and water; eliminate harborage and pathway areas by sealing or screening; repair water leaks; increase ventilation; inspect incoming foods and packaging.
Remove food sources; seal all cracks and crevices; locate and eliminate nests; correct drainage in houseplants; seal cracks in pavement and concrete slab.
Vacuum carpeting and furniture; keep pets in your own yard; proper pet treatment; remove wild animals from structure.
Install or repair screens; change lighting; improve drainage; remove garbage daily; keep trash cans clean and tightly covered; repair cracks around siding, windows and doors.
Inspect foods and packaging prior to storage; store foods in glass/plastic containers; clean-up spilled foods; rotate dry goods; store only clean cloths.
Install physical barriers; eliminate food and water; remove nesting sites; inspect incoming boxes.
Install chimney caps and screens on roof openings; remove tree branches in contact with home; repair holes in soffit and along roof.

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