Overwintering Pests

The holiday season can be a busy time for travel as many of us undergo long trips, hotel stays, and public transportation to visit family and friends. Pests, such as ants, cockroaches and bed bugs also rely on these sites for food, shelter and transport. Here are some tips to help you avoid bringing these pests into your home this holiday season:

  1. Travel with a small cleaning kit to clean up food spills asap and prevent hitchhikers from being attracted to your vehicle and luggage.
  2. Dispose of waste and empty food containers at every stop until you reach your destination
  3. In hotels, never put luggage, handbags, jackets or personal items on the bed or furniture until thoroughly inspecting the room for signs of bed bugs. Instead keep them in the bathroom until the coast is clear.
  4. Be vigilant when waiting on benches, seating and carpeted floors in public transit sites.
  5. Upon arrival at home, carefully inspect your luggage and belongings. As a precaution, run coats and other clothing items through a dryer cycle. The heat will kill bed bug eggs and hatchlings.
  6. If you suspect an issue, call Absolute. Our customer service representatives and technicians are well versed in pest issues of all kinds and are happy to help.

Happy Holidays!