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Nuisance Wildlife Services: by Absolute Pest Control

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Nuisance Wildlife Control

Whether you have a residential home or a one million square foot industrial complex, Absolute Pest Control can design a wildlife control or exclusion system that meets your needs.

The first step in any wildlife "situation" is to obtain a professional evaluation by one of our certified wildlife experts. this will include identification of the animal(s) in question, identification of point of entry, and selection of the appropriate method for correcting your specific issue. Our licensed technicians use a variety of methods in dealing with nuisance wildlife. they are safe, humane and adhere to the New York Department of Environmental Conservations recommended best practices guidelines.

Wildlife facts:


If you have seen a bat in your home and suspect you may have come into contact with it, do not let it out the window as it will need to be tested for rabies. Our Wildlife expert can discuss the safety precautions, Call Today!


Raccoons are primarily nocturnal animals, however they do frequently forage during the day as well. Females who have young to feed will need extra time to search for food, and thus may be found moving about while the sun is up.


Should a bird fly into a room or take up nesting around the exterior of your home, call us right away. Some birds such as Woodpeckers can be an indication that there is a larger problem with certain insects inside your walls.

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