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We are local Pest Management Experts. Based on your technician’s assessment, we’ll recommend a program that is designed to resolve your specific pest issues. Absolute Pest Control takes a modern approach to Pest Management called Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a broad-based approach incorporating practices that minimize risks to health and the environment. Find out more→

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  • Live customer service on phones
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  • Technicians are NYSDEC certified
  • Dedicated service techs on each route
  • Reputation for quality service

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GreenPro Pest Control

Our Typical Pest Lineup

Carpenter Ants & Termites

Notorious for devouring wooden structures, these Wood Destroying Insects can pose serious structural issues if infestations are left unchecked. We prevent and eliminate colonies by targeting their ideal conditions and entry.


Mice and rats venture into our environment to find food and shelter for nesting leaving behind droppings and urine which is what makes them known disease transmitters. They are one of the most agitating pests we encounter.

Wasp & Bees

During the warmer months, activity spikes as the bees and wasps gather food for their colonies. Nests can be built on the exterior or even deeper in the walls and recesses of your home making it difficult to access the nest to be treated.

Nuisance Wildlife

Animals that make a habit of showing up on property can introduce safety and sanitation concerns. If they move in, it's time to call for reinforcements. Our trapping programs are humane, effective, and include exclusion on the exterior.